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Offer credit union membership to your employees today!


Success Credit Union partners with area employers to offer the added benefit of credit union membership to employees. Employees gain access to:

  • Lower loan rate for auto, home and credit cards.
  • Better rates of return on savings and certificates of deposit.
  • Low fee or no-fee checking accounts.
  • Dividends paid to members.
  • Financial wellness assistance.
Why should we partner with Success Credit Union?
Credit unions are member-owned, not-for-profit financial institutions that work for the benefit of our members.
How do we partner with Success Credit Union?
To offer credit union membership for your employees, simply complete this letter, place on company letterhead, and return to the credit union.
Who should we contact if we have questions?
If you have questions regarding a credit union partnership for your company, email Jennifer Fancher or contact her directly at 870-336-6620.