4 Projects That Can Help Increase Your Home’s Value

Whether you are looking to update your home to sell soon, or you just want to make some improvements, it is good to know which ones will increase its value.

  1. Add usable square footage. Homes are valued and priced by the livable square feet they possess, and the more livable square feet, the better! Adding a bathroom, a great room, or another needed space to a home can increase function and add value, especially if you live in an area where land and space are limited.

  1. Make your home more efficient. Some simple ways to improve your home’s efficiency and value include replacing old windows (so they don’t leak), buying energy-efficient home appliances, and adding insulation to your walls.

  1. Spruce it up with fresh paint and flooring! Whether it is interior or exterior, a new coat of paint is like magic. Replacing carpets also can take years off of your house.

  1. Work on your curb appeal. The outside of your home plays a lot more into its value than you might think. Try installing a front walkway of pavers along with stone planters, shrubs, and mulching. A new patio or outdoor kitchen will also make your property a lot more enjoyable while adding value.

Home projects can be fun, especially when you see it transform before your eyes. Plus, knowing you are adding value to your home-- it’s a win-win. Excited to get started on a project but don’t want to touch your savings? Consider a Home Equity Line of Credit and Success Credit Union will have you starting your project in no-time.